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Dani Krug stands between teammates at a job site proudly showing her CEE award

ABS Coastal’s Dani Krug Named “Installer of the Year” by Global Insulation Leader Owens Corning®

It is always fun to celebrate with family. At ABS Coastal, we consider ourselves family and we are excited to celebrate with one of our own team members, Dani Krug, for being named an ExCEEd on the Job Installer quarterly winner.

Dani Krug stands between teammates at a job site proudly showing her CEE awardDani has worked hard to achieve this award and we are proud that others have taken notice of her expertise and dedication as well. This award is reserved for only the best insulation contractors across the nation who have what it takes to be a part of the exclusive Owens Corning® Certified Energy Expert®  Program and become an Owens Corning® Certified Energy Expert® Professional. Program members, such as Dani, are trained, tested and trusted to help make any home or building a better place to be. Each day, they work with builders and homeowners to help make buildings and homes quiet, comfortable and energy smart. As an energy performance consultant, Dani has been trained to help optimize comfort, noise control and energy efficiency in homes. As an elite insulation contractor, Dani and her fellow program members are tested to meet the highest standards, delivering advanced solutions based on decades of building science research.

The ExCEEd on the Job Awards recognize insulation professionals who go above and beyond to ensure
excellence. Throughout the year, Certified Energy Expert® representatives from across the country nominate employees who excel in the workplace. Owens Corning recognizes regional award winners each quarter and it is from these candidates that the Installer of the Year is selected.

Dani Krug receiving her award materials from the Owens Corning representativeDani’s work speaks for itself. Her reputation with ABS customers and within the company is impeccable and she is regarded as one of the best insulation installers in the area. Customers appreciate her level of service and open communication regarding time frames for inspections and her willingness to answer customers’ questions. Dani’s work is flawless and it is well noted if she shows up to work on a house it will pass all code and third party inspections. She has even received a flawless CEE inspection, further demonstrating the quality of work she does on a daily basis.

Allan Hoppe, ABS Coastal’s owner, says he couldn’t be prouder of Dani. “We know how hard Dani has worked to earn this award and we appreciate her years of service and dedication to ABS and its customers. She is one of the best on our team and we are excited to share this much deserved honor with her and our ABS family.”

At ABS Coastal, we strive to recognize our employees for their dedication to our customers and our industry and their commitment to retaining our exceptional industry leadership. Dani’s recognition for her exemplary work ethic and service is one example of our commitment to retaining the industry’s top talent. Thanks to Dani and our entire team of expert installers, both homeowners and builders know that ABS Coastal professionals have the skills and experience necessary to deliver comprehensive energy-saving solutions.

Our Commitment to You and Our Team Members

At ABS Coastal, we have served Charlotte, North Carolina with professional insulation, air sealing, and gutter services for over 30 years and have recently expanded to serve Myrtle Beach and beyond. Our insulating team specializes in energy-saving residential and commercial insulation, along with gutter installation. It is only with committed experts on our team, like Dani, that we are one of the region’s top insulation contractors. As a locally owned company we are committed to providing our customers with superior products, excellent workmanship and reliable service. We have been a member of the National Insulation Contractors’ Exchange (NICE) since 1999.

Insulated crawl space.

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Crawl Space Before Winter Sets In

 Insulate your Crawl Space in Myrtle Beach, SC

Winter is almost here! If you have not already invested in home energy improvements, your home will still be uncomfortable and inefficient this winter just like it was last year. If you have a crawl space in your home, insulation and sealing can significantly improve your comfort, lower your energy bills and improve your inside air quality.

Building science proves that your inside comfort is affected by what is underneath your home. The natural flow of air in your home is from floor to ceiling. Your home naturally breathes, drawing air upward (from your crawl space or basement) through your living area and out through the attic. Due to this natural airflow, air from a damp crawl space (plus everything in the crawl space) flows upward into your home’s inside air.

Three reasons to insulate your crawl space before winter:

  1. Improve air quality
    As your home breathes, air from your naturally damp crawl space flows into your home’s interior through penetration points located around areas such as plumbing holes and wiring. This air in your crawl space mixes with the air you breathe which is both distasteful and unhealthy. Improve your home’s indoor air quality by insulating and sealing your crawl space.
  2. Reduce energy bills
    If your furnace runs more than you’d like during winter, it’s because your HVAC system is heating air from your crawl space that’s mixing with the heated interior air. Your HVAC system is working constantly to maintain the internal temperature of your home, resulting in higher than necessary energy bills and additional wear and tear on your HVAC system. Insulating and sealing your crawl space can help reduce energy costs.
  3. Increase home comfort
    Your home’s inside comfort is affected by an unfinished crawl space. Are your floors chilly? Is your living area colder than your home’s upper floor? By insulating and sealing your crawl space, these issues will improve. If you’ve been living in an uncomfortable home for some time, you won’t regret investing in insulating your crawl space.

Do you have other questions about your crawl space? Are you ready to upgrade your crawl space? Contact us to schedule a free crawl space estimate and discuss your specific situation.

Autumn leaves in a home gutter.

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

 Ways to Prepare your Home for Winter in Myrtle Beach, SC

Even though we like to hold onto summer as long as possible, winter will arrive in no time. If you are once again waiting for the first cold snap to get your home ready for winter, you will suffer with higher than necessary energy bills. This year, stay ahead of the season and get to work on these four tasks:

  1. Tune Up Your Furnace
    Your home’s heating system will work more efficiently and have a longer life if it’s regularly serviced. Routine servicing can help prevent system problems during the peak heating season.
  2. Check Your Insulation
    A fresh blanket of insulation in your attic adds a thermal layer of protection. Adding insulation to your attic is one of the most cost effective ways to save money on energy bills. Take it a step further by sealing air leaks in your attic floor as well as around doors, windows, electrical outlets and other penetration points around your home.
  3. Maintain Your Rain Gutters
    Fall is the time when leaves, sticks and other debris pile up in your gutters. This debris can cause poor water drainage and harm to your home’s foundation. This is the time of year to add gutter leaf protection and have your rain gutters checked for damage.
  4. Add a Smart Thermostat
    Smart thermostats adjust the temperature of your home based on your family’s schedule and lifestyle. A smart thermostat can help decrease overall home energy use, including heating and cooling costs. According to Nest, a smart thermostat brand, the investment can pay for itself over time based on an average 30% reduction in energy bills.

If your home needs an insulation upgrade, gutter repair or gutter protection, we can help! Contact our office to schedule a free estimate!

ABS Coastal workers in training in the company warehouse.

Grade I Fiberglass Insulation Training

 Fiberglass Insulation Training in Myrtle Beach, SC
Proper installation techniques are critical to insulation performance, energy conservation and comfort. As a professional insulation contractor, it’s our responsibility to educate and train our team members – from installers to management – on proper insulation installation methods.

In August 2018 the teams from ABS Coastal Insulating and ABS Insulating participated in Grade I Fiberglass Insulation training. The training was led by Janet Miller, Outreach Manager at Appalachian State University’s Energy Center and in partnership with NAIMA. Training topics included the building science behind what makes Grade I so effective, the fundamentals of building energy codes and delivery of repeatable Grade I installations on every fiberglass insulation installation.

By following Grade I Installation techniques we will help our customers save money by decreasing energy waste and comfort. Trainings were held onsite at our Myrtle Beach and Charlotte locations.


Photo collage of workers installing insulation and windows.

Choosing Between Insulation & Windows

 Insulation or Windows in Myrtle Beach, SC

When thinking of a home upgrade that will increase energy efficiency, homeowners typically consider two projects: insulation or windows. There is a lot of confusion about which investment provides a better return on investment.

Building Envelope

Your home’s envelope consists of the walls, floor and roof. When considering the total square footage of your home’s envelope, windows make up a very a small portion of it. By investing in upgrading the energy efficiency of a home’s attic and walls (more square footage), you’ll be maximizing energy efficiency across a greater portion of your home’s envelope and see a greater energy benefit.

Heat Flow

Air inside a home naturally flows from ground to sky. A home loses 70% of energy through the attic and roof – far more than is lost through windows or doors. Upgrading attic insulation keeps the air you’ve paid to heat in your home. Adding air sealing further prevents conditioned air from seeping out around ducts, attics and more.


R-value is a measure of the amount of heat flow a certain product resists. The higher the r-value, the better it reduces heat flow. The r-value of windows can vary based on the number of panes, air space between panes, etc.

Double pane windows have an r-value of 1.5 to 2. Upgrading insulation to current code would result in attic r-value of R-30 to R-38 in North Carolina. When you consider the difference in r-value and the natural heat flow in a home, and it’s easy to see how a fresh blanket of insulation is a great investment.


When looking at bottom line, the choice is clear. According to Home Advisor the average cost to upgrade windows in the Myrtle Beach area is $3,708. The same report shows the average cost to upgrade blown-in insulation in the Myrtle Beach area is $1,470.*

Ready to add insulation to your attic? Contact us to schedule your free estimate.

* Project costs can vary

Closeup of a hand holding US dollars and adjusting a thermostat.

Saving on Your Summer Energy Bill

 Summer Energy Bills at Myrtle Beach, SC

Uncomfortable summer temperatures can take a toll on your energy bills. If summer heat is taking the fun out of your summer — and money out of your wallet — here are five ways to ease the pinch:

  • Run Ceiling Fans. Keep your ceiling fans running to circulate conditioned air. This can also increase comfort by keeping the air moving in the home.
  • Seal Air Leaks. All homes have air leaks as a result of the construction process. Air leaks allow conditioned inside air to escape, causing your cooling system to run more often. Having your home air sealed by a qualified contractor will help ensure the job is done right the first time.
  • Run Bath Fans. Running your bath fan after showers will help remove warm, humid air. By adding a timer to your bath fan, you can schedule it to run on daily basis to continually move stale, warm air out of the house.
  • Adjust Your Thermostat. If your home has a programmable thermostat, check it. Can you turn it up a degree or two during the day? Increasing the temperature in your home during the day when there are fewer people at home can provide some relief in your energy bills.
  • Increase Attic Insulation. Many homes don’t have enough attic insulation. Even newer homes may have attic insulation that does not meet current codes. Contact a qualified contractor to have insulation added to your attic. Increasing your attic insulation can save up to 30% on your energy bills!

If summer temperatures are making your home uncomfortable, now is the time to do something about it. If you’d like us to check your attic insulation level or talk with you about air sealing, give us a call to schedule your free estimate.

Closeup of a thermometer with people playing in a pond on a sunny day.

Radiant Barrier to Cool Your Home

 Radiant Barrier Systems in Myrtle Beach, SCKeeping your home cool during warm summer months can feel like a full-time job. Adding a radiant barrier to your attic can help reduce summer heat gain and decrease cooling costs. A radiant barrier is an insulation product consisting of material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it.

Radiant energy from the sun is the primary force in causing the roof to heat. Much of this radiant heat is conducted into the attic through the shingles, roof deck and other roofing materials. Heat is trapped inside the attic and raises the temperature of the ducts and attic floor. Although insulation helps manage the temperature inside your home, a radiant barrier reflects heat out of the attic and helps keep the attic cooler than insulation alone.

A radiant barrier is very effective in hot, sunny climates. Some data indicates that adding a radiant barrier to your home can reduce cooling costs up to 10 percent. If you’re adding a cooling system to a new home or upgrading your home’s existing cooling system, a radiant barrier may allow you to install a smaller cooling system.

Learn more about radiant barrier systems by contacting our office at 843-353-1502! We are happy to discuss your project and the benefits of adding a radiant barrier.

A mother and daughter eating watermelon in front of a fan.

Insulate to Beat the Summer Heat

 Home Insulation in Myrtle Beach, SCWhen warm summer weather arrives, most homeowners think about painting, landscaping and other outdoor projects. Upgrading home insulation is one of the last things that come to mind. Although insulation is commonly associated with cold weather, the thermal barrier it creates is just as important during hot summer weather.

When the weather is hot, the sun heats the surface of your roof. This heat transfers to the air inside your attic. At the same time your attic is heating up, your air conditioning system is working overtime to manage the indoor temperature. In an attempt to create a temperature balance, hot attic air moves into your home’s cooled living space. This in turn heats your home’s inside temperature, requiring your cooling system to work even harder.

This same situation applies to wall insulation. When exterior walls are heated by the hot summer sun, the temperature inside the wall cavity increases. This warm air will attempt to create a balance by moving into your home’s living space. Adding wall insulation helps reduce this heat transfer to keep your home comfortable.

When a home is properly insulated and air sealed, warm air stays out of your living space. This means your cooling system runs less often, reducing your monthly energy bills. Let’s not forget – upgrading insulation will keep your home comfortable all year. This one investment will pay you back month after month!

Not sure if your insulation is doing its job? Contact our office. We are happy to answer your questions and schedule a free estimate.

Woman sneezing outside, using a tissue.

Air Seal Your Home for Allergies

Air Seal your Home in Myrtle Beach, SC

When spring arrives, it means summer fun and long days aren’t far away. If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, spring is the beginning of a very unpleasant season.

Did you know that air sealing your home can help reduce allergy symptoms? As a home naturally breathes, outside air is pulled into the home through penetration points. These points exist around the home’s shell — around windows, HVAC venting, can lights, chimneys and more. This natural process pulls pollen and other outside pollutants into the home, directly into the air you breathe.

Air sealing your home helps keep outside air (and outside pollutants) out of your home. In addition to reducing pollutants in the home, air sealing can create a more comfortable living environment year round. By keeping unconditioned air outside the home, drafts are reduced and a home’s internal temperature is more easily maintained. This makes the home more comfortable and also reduces energy bills!

Spray foam insulation is the ideal product to insulate and seal air leaks in one step. When applied, spray foam insulation expands to fill a cavity. The product is applied as a liquid and expands to 100 times its volume. As the product expands, air leaks are sealed and R-value is added.

Interested in learning more about spray foam and getting an estimate for your next project? Contact our office today!

Worker in a blue apron showing plans to three girls.

Reasons to Hire an Insulation Contractor

 Insulating Contractor in Myrtle Beach, SC

Thinking of installing your own insulation? You’re not alone. There are a variety of resources that illustrate how easy it can be to install insulation. As easy as this may look, when it comes to installing or upgrading home insulation it’s best to hire a professional insulation contractor.

Here are three reasons why hiring a professional insulation contractor is better than installing insulation yourself:

  1. Installation Quality. If proper installation techniques are not followed, your home’s insulation will not perform properly. A professional insulation contractor knows how to properly install insulation to maximize performance. A professional contractor will install attic venting to ensure proper airflow and can seal air leaks to reduce outside air infiltration.
  2. Code and Building Science Knowledge. A professional insulation contractor is up to date on local building codes, new insulation technologies, installation methods and more. By hiring a professional insulation contractor you can be sure your home is properly insulated and as energy efficient as possible.
  3. Safety. A professional insulation contractor is trained to spot hazards such as faulty wiring (including knob and tube), improper insulating around recessed lights and more.

Installing insulation is more complex than meets the eye. Hire a professional insulation contractor and have the job done right the first time! Our office provides free estimates. Call our office to schedule your free estimate.