Wall insulation is a great way to save money on energy bills and can dramatically increase the comfort of your home during extreme temperatures. Exterior wall insulation creates an additional thermal barrier between the interior of the home and the elements. Proper levels of insulation in your home’s exterior walls can also decrease exterior noise bleed, making the interior of your home quieter.

Wall insulation can be added to new homes during the construction process. Wall insulation can also be added to exterior walls of existing homes.

If you are remodeling your home or replacing siding on your home, consider upgrading your insulation. The best time to add insulation is when a wall cavity is open.

When upgrading exterior wall insulation of an existing home, dense pack loose fill fiberglass insulation is added from the exterior of the home. Our installers create small access holes in the walls and blows insulation into that space with a machine. After installation is complete, the hole is properly sealed.

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Wondering how insulation is added to finished walls? Check out this video from our partner company, ABS Insulating Co., Inc.. If you have existing walls in a garage, your home or other space that can benefit from increased R-value or sound dampening, call us!

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