Many homeowners dread cleaning their gutters. Removing debris from gutters is both a messy and potentially hazardous project. Gutter leaf protection is a great solution.

Gutter leaf protection (also known as leaf guards) is important in areas with extensive foliage and for homeowners who don’t want to or are unable to climb a ladder or onto their roof to clear their gutters. Gutter leaf protection helps keep debris out of gutters and downspouts so water can easily flow down the gutter and be carried away from the home.

There are several types of gutter protection available. The one that is right for your home depends on a variety of factors including the amount of foliage around your home, the type of gutters on your house and so on. Two common types of guard are:


Screen leaf guards are metal sheets with small holes. These holes allow water to run through the guard, keeping most of the debris on top of the guard and out of the gutter.


These guards do not have holes. They are designed to allow water to flow over the edge of the guard and into the gutter. Leaves and debris land on the surface of the guard and eventually fall to the ground.


There are several other types of gutter leaf protection available. Our team can recommend the proper system for your home and your neighborhood.

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