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Fall Gutters in Myrtle Beach, SC

How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

 Ways to Prepare your Home for Winter in Myrtle Beach, SC

Even though we like to hold onto summer as long as possible, winter will arrive in no time. If you are once again waiting for the first cold snap to get your home ready for winter, you will suffer with higher than necessary energy bills. This year, stay ahead of the season and get to work on these four tasks:

  1. Tune Up Your Furnace
    Your home’s heating system will work more efficiently and have a longer life if it’s regularly serviced. Routine servicing can help prevent system problems during the peak heating season.
  2. Check Your Insulation
    A fresh blanket of insulation in your attic adds a thermal layer of protection. Adding insulation to your attic is one of the most cost effective ways to save money on energy bills. Take it a step further by sealing air leaks in your attic floor as well as around doors, windows, electrical outlets and other penetration points around your home.
  3. Maintain Your Rain Gutters
    Fall is the time when leaves, sticks and other debris pile up in your gutters. This debris can cause poor water drainage and harm to your home’s foundation. This is the time of year to add gutter leaf protection and have your rain gutters checked for damage.
  4. Add a Smart Thermostat
    Smart thermostats adjust the temperature of your home based on your family’s schedule and lifestyle. A smart thermostat can help decrease overall home energy use, including heating and cooling costs. According to Nest, a smart thermostat brand, the investment can pay for itself over time based on an average 30% reduction in energy bills.

If your home needs an insulation upgrade, gutter repair or gutter protection, we can help! Contact our office to schedule a free estimate!

Leafy Gutters in Myrtle Beach, SC

Why & How to Clean Gutters

 Clean Gutters by ABS Coastal Insulating in Myrtle Beach, SC

It’s the time of year when a homeowner starts thinking about cleaning up leaves from their yard. Don’t forget about your gutters! Leaves easily collect in gutters, causing a variety of problems. If you’re tired of cleaning gutters every fall, consider adding leaf protection. If your gutters don’t have leaf protection, follow these steps to properly clean your gutters:

Clean out debris.
Carefully remove debris from the gutters to keep water moving away from your home. When cleaning your gutters, wear work gloves to keep your hands protected from sticks or any other objects. Washing out any remaining dirt can help the gutters perform better.

Check the installation.
The next step is to check that the gutters are properly secured. If there are loose areas or pieces missing, this is the time to replace them.

Check for damage.
Damaged gutters can damage your home. If you are need of a temporary fix, caulk can help until you can get new gutters installed. Also remember to check the rivets that are near the down spouts. The rivets help water flow properly to and through the down spout rather than running over the sides and down to your foundation.

If you notice problems with your gutters, it’s time to have them replaced. Contact our office to discuss your questions and schedule a free estimate.